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I write about everyday beauty that is often overlooked as

we chase our dreams and try to better ourselves. When I was

10 years old I wrote in my diary about a day I had that I thought was the perfect day. I still like to do that, and sometimes I write a fictional perfect day to just to see how creative I can get. Ever since then I have written poetry about

people I love. Sometimes I write a poem about an event that was special to me. I love to think about Texas, and now I want to write about Texas and my life in Texas.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sun by my son. Fall 2009

I am the Sun, not burning or searing, but relentlessly giving.
If you look at me in the right ways, or view me with the right equipment I am extremely
helpful and great to be around. On a boring and cloudy day I may seem absent, but I am still there. Through the long journey through space and time my light does not falter. At my center
I am brightest and hottest yet that does not all show. If you stay inside the shelter of your home you may never witness my full potential. If you wander outside you could harness my energy or just enjoy me for what I am.

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