Texas Beth

I write about everyday beauty that is often overlooked as

we chase our dreams and try to better ourselves. When I was

10 years old I wrote in my diary about a day I had that I thought was the perfect day. I still like to do that, and sometimes I write a fictional perfect day to just to see how creative I can get. Ever since then I have written poetry about

people I love. Sometimes I write a poem about an event that was special to me. I love to think about Texas, and now I want to write about Texas and my life in Texas.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Silly Soul

Some days are so dull, before, during and after, children fill the void with silliness and laughter.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sun by my son. Fall 2009

I am the Sun, not burning or searing, but relentlessly giving.
If you look at me in the right ways, or view me with the right equipment I am extremely
helpful and great to be around. On a boring and cloudy day I may seem absent, but I am still there. Through the long journey through space and time my light does not falter. At my center
I am brightest and hottest yet that does not all show. If you stay inside the shelter of your home you may never witness my full potential. If you wander outside you could harness my energy or just enjoy me for what I am.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Living in it

Limestone, granite, mini canyons, clean water springs, caves, lakes, oaks, pecans and cedar trees, blue, red, yellow, white, pink and purple wildflowers in the spring, lightening storms,
thunderstorms, big skies, bright stars and wide open spaces. It feels what freedom is. This is
Central Texas.
My house sits on a quiet cul-de-sac that backs up to an area called the Buttercup Creek
Cave preserve. In the mid 1990's this area was explored by surveyors as the subdivision on
Buttercup Creek needed to expande. Several small caves were discovered, each one named and
each one explored. As this area was found to be inhabited by endangered species as well as important step for the natural formation of water this land was deemed as a preserve and will
only be used for nature trails and maybe twice a year the Texas Cave Conservancy might come to
allow the residents of Cedar Park a chance to learn and explore the area with self guided tours
by the use of maps. They may also be allowed entrance into the caves that that are large enough
to stand up in.
This area is covered with white/gray lumpy, holey rocks, ample cedar trees and hardy oaks. the area is dry with dusty soli, poor for farmland, but rich for wildflowers, cactus, oaks and cedars. Deer, rabbits, squirrels, birds and occasional wild hogs peruse the land for nutritious morsels. Snakes can be found if you really WANT to find them. Possums and raccoons may find you
or least find your yard and fences. Screech owls will nest, they may surprise you because they will look you directly in your eyes and not make a sound.
This area of the world is about one thousand feet above sea level, appearing flat, but actually
has slight hills and gradual elevations. Several small creeks eke their way through onto bigger
creeks that lead to bigger rivers such as the San Gabriel to ebb and flow as the rain should dictate. Water flows over dinoaur footprints that disappear under the striated shelves of limestone.
The white limestone found all over is ample fodder for industries that build homes, schools and stadiums throughout the state. "Booms" at 10 and 2 can be heard and felt during the week
days as they blast to loosen the stone. Granite from nearby land was scored and removed in the
later 1800's and used to build the state capitol. If you were to take a train ride going north from
Austin and paid close attention you can see giant blocks of pink granite nestled into the land. Flatbedsof train cars carrying the granite all those years and years ago toppled over as they crossed the tressle bridges giving rise to the tumblings of the blocks of granite where they lie in
state just as they landed over 100 years ago. The white stone from around Cedar Park was cut and collected soon after texas gained its independence from Mexico. From this stone was built
the San Jancinto monument to honor all those souls who lost their lives fighting and freeing the
Texians from the hands of Santa Anna's Mexican military.
Modernly, this central Texas area is home to many different high tech/clean industries. This
attracts people from all over the state, the nation and the world to live and work here. This creates a diverse and socially strong culture. I have rarely meet native Texans. I have met and conversed with so many from everywhere that I can discern an accent from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Boston as well as Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa and Washington. I have also heard so many people speaking Spanish over the years I surprise myself when I understand a whole sentence.
Five minutes away from my house on the quiet cul-de-sac is a beautiful lake. It is called Lake
Travis, named after a hero of the Alamo. It is the middle lake in the long chain of lakes known
as the Highland lakes. The highlands were created in the 1930's when a series of dams were constructed. Rivers were swallowed and are now the bottoms of the lakes. Along the shores of
lake Traviswhat used to be the walls of a canyon multimillion dollars homes can be seen. "Fingers" of this lake are spots for marinas and campgrounds and homes. Quiet little coves are found by boaters where they swim and picnic. On holidays, Sundays, summer days and sunny days the lake is filled with sailboats, seadoos, water skiers, parasailers, fishing poles and happiness.
As the roads of Cedar Park expand and the neighborhoods spread, the schools enlarge. We are infected with Austin's love of live music giving rise to growth in membership of middle school bands and high school bands. As diverse as the population is so are the interests of the children---baseball, softball, soccer,swimming, kickaball, track, volleyball, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, dance, drama, football and cheerleading. Our spirits are high and our children encouraged, our place is home to big dreams, bright futures and beauty abounds.